This document was updated on March 8th, 2021 with the latest changes in the travel process.

Sharing my traveling experience during the COVID-19 situation which I made my travel from Kuala Lumpur to Cochin(in India) on Dec 17th, 2020, and returned back from Cochin to Kuala Lumpur on Jan 21st, 2021.

You guys out there should be already aware of Google’s recent announcement on their new signals — Core Web Vitals to measure the web page performance and developers have already started working on the websites to improve the performance to pass the Core Web Vitals score.

Tools out there to measure core web vitals

I have created a new extension for your chrome browser to measure Core Web Vitals score accurately and provide you highlights on the areas of improvement.

Here you go —

Before going further, if you want some tips to improve your core web vitals score, have a read on this article —

What do we have today?

In order to measure the CWV scores, currently use a plugin from chrome to get the metrics. …

AWS Cost Optimisation Techniques
AWS Cost Optimisation Techniques
AWS Cost Optimization Techniques

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.
- Will Rogers

We all might have gone through one day in our career to have a tradeoff on a wonderful idea with the cost factor! And I can pretty confidently say that cost will be always a key factor for any decision-making situation. Thus, here today we are going to touch on learning few cost optimization techniques for applications running in an AWS ecosystem.


In order to narrow down the scope of the document, let's pick out 10 commonly…

On-Demand feature environments

In this current world, when people are moving towards trunk-based development patterns and using feature flags to have frequent deployments to reduce the time to market, Is it worth to think about having feature environments?

Short Answer: YES!!!!

Continuous Delivery has always been a hot topic where we endlessly discuss and continuously improve to reach our products to the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way. This article brings continuous delivery to the next level by introducing a concept of “feature environments”.

A feature environment is an on-demand environment to test your “short-lived” features independently and without…

I used to think that was there any elegant way to spin up a new team and sail towards the Agile way of delivery. And finally, I managed to understand that the “elegancy” piece won't come from any books, but it iron outs from lessons and mistakes learned from our experience.

Who wants to be a code monkey?

One of the important lessons learned was about the concept of “Sprint 0” which encouraged me to write this article. Again as you would have heard a lot of analogy on Sprint 0 by this time, what I would closely like to compare sprint is to a vehicle; like…

Next era on Web Page Performance

It's been a couple of months I have been working on strategies to improve the web page performance on my company-owned websites and to be honest its a really interesting piece of work to share with you guys.

I understand that working on web page performance is not a new thing and people have came up with lot of ideas and tricks to boost up your page load speed. But now it seems like that's not enough anymore and you need to step into the next level!!

As you guys should know about the importance of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and…

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